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Application LinkLodgement DateDescriptionGroup DescriptionCategory DescriptionFormatted AddressApplicant Names
CC2020/001826/02/2020Outbuilding - ShedConstruction CertificatesConstruction Certificate Council Issued14 Paterson Street PARKES NSW 2870Brandon James Ross, Racheal Joy Schmalz
DA2020/00186/03/2020Outbuilding - ShedDevelopment ApplicationAlterations and Additions Residential13 Glenburnie Close PARKES NSW 2870Scott William Mill, Susan Felicity Mill
DA2020/001010/02/2020Subdivision (1 to 2 lots)Development ApplicationSubdivision Only444 Clarinda Street PARKES NSW 2870 Gah Motels Pty Ltd
DA2020/00166/03/2020Outbuilding - ShedDevelopment ApplicationAlterations and Additions Residential2 Hillcrest Avenue PARKES NSW 2870Christopher Robert Riley
IOSM2018/001521/11/2018Install on-site waste (sewerage) managementLocal Government ApplicationsInstall onsite waste (sewerage) management system53 Westlime Road PARKES NSW 2870 Parkes Shire Council
DA2020/002325/03/2020Subdivision (1 to 2 Lots)Development ApplicationSubdivision OnlySpringvale 187 Cashmere Road PARKES NSW 2870Gail Lesley Davies
LG2020/000824/02/2020Carry out water sewer & stormwater drainage workLocal Government ApplicationsCarry out water sewer & stormwater drainage work35 Molong Road PARKES NSW 2870 BT Homes

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