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Application LinkLodgement DateDescriptionGroup DescriptionCategory DescriptionFormatted AddressApplicant Names
CC2019/007714/10/2019Outbuilding - ShedConstruction CertificatesConstruction Certificate Council Issued31 Charles Rigg Avenue PARKES NSW 2870Matthew John Searl
CC2019/00962/12/2019Outbuilding - ShedConstruction CertificatesConstruction Certificate Council Issued14 Want Street PARKES NSW 2870Daniel Allan Ryan
CC2019/00995/12/2019Outbuilding - ShedConstruction CertificatesConstruction Certificate Council Issued5 Hill Street PARKES NSW 2870Jennifer Gay Calvert
CC2019/010119/12/2019Outbuilding - Shed, Retaining Walls and FenceConstruction CertificatesConstruction Certificate Council Issued6-8 Evans Parade PARKES NSW 2870Jake William Luas Maitland
CC2020/000831/01/2020Single Storey DwellingConstruction CertificatesConstruction Certificate Private Certifier Issue29 Blaxland Street PARKES NSW 2870Timothy Andrew Cowling
CDC2020/000117/01/2020Swimming Pool and Child Resistant BarrierComplying Development CertificatesCouncil Issued Complying Development Certificate29 Boori Street PEAK HILL NSW 2869Nicholas Mark Harris
DA2019/011010/12/2019Alterations and Additions to Dwelling (Patio)Development ApplicationAlterations and Additions ResidentialHeraghty Road PARKES NSW 2870 4 Arrows Pty Ltd
DA2019/011111/12/2019Outbuilding - ShedDevelopment ApplicationAlterations and Additions ResidentialNash Street PARKES NSW 2870William Charles Harris
DA2019/011518/12/2019Outbuilding - Shed, Retaining Walls and FenceDevelopment ApplicationAlterations and Additions Residential6-8 Evans Parade PARKES NSW 2870Jake William Luas Maitland
DA2019/011623/12/2019Demolition of carport, partial demolition and alterations and additions to existing dwelling, swimming pool with child resistant barrier and retaining wall.Development ApplicationAlterations and Additions Residential46 Church Street PARKES NSW 2870 Source Architects Pty Ltd
DA2019/011313/12/2019Dwelling - House with Attached Garage and Retaining WallsDevelopment ApplicationResidential Single Dwelling29 Blaxland Street PARKES NSW 2870 Rawson Homes Pty Ltd - Dubbo
DA2020/00026/01/2020Subdivision (Consolidation & Boundary Adjustment)Development ApplicationSubdivision OnlyOrmonde 1123 Wattle Bank Lane TULLAMORE NSW 2874 Doherty Smith & Associates Consulting Surveyors
DA2020/000314/01/2020Subdivision (2 to 4 Lots)Development ApplicationSubdivision OnlySpringvale 187 Cashmere Road PARKES NSW 2870Gail Lesley Davies
LG2019/008524/12/2019Place coffee cart on footpathLocal Government ApplicationsExpose articles for sale on public road249-251 Clarinda Street PARKES NSW 2870Deborah Jayne Mitchell
LG2020/00013/01/2020Place table and chair to do hairstyles and clothes rack on footpath (Elvis Festival)Local Government ApplicationsExpose articles for sale on public roadRoyal Hotel 219-223 Clarinda Street PARKES NSW 2870Adele Hawke

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