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Application LinkLodgement DateDescriptionGroup DescriptionCategory DescriptionFormatted AddressApplicant Names
CC2020/000528/01/2020General Industry (2 Buildings)Construction CertificatesConstruction Certificate Council Issued36 Boyd Circuit PARKES NSW 2870Alicia Anne Westcott
CC2020/00095/02/2020Alterations & Additions to Dwelling (Carport & Patio)Construction CertificatesConstruction Certificate Council Issued3 Gap Street PARKES NSW 2870Denise Lea Gersbach, Matthew John Gersbach
CC2020/00105/02/2020Outbuilding - Shed & CarportConstruction CertificatesConstruction Certificate Council Issued67 Church Street PARKES NSW 2870Lyndal Ann Edge, Paul Stewart Sutton
CC2020/00116/02/2020Outbuilding - ShedConstruction CertificatesConstruction Certificate Council IssuedNash Street PARKES NSW 2870William Charles Harris
CC2020/001520/02/2020Additions to Dwelling (Patio)Construction CertificatesConstruction Certificate Council Issued7158 Eugowra Road PARKES NSW 2870Allan Ross Neems, Marilyn Joy Neems
CC2020/001624/02/2020Alterations & Additions to Dwelling - PatioConstruction CertificatesConstruction Certificate Council IssuedHeraghty Road PARKES NSW 2870Andrew Martin Yeo, Michelle Lea Yeo
CC2020/001826/02/2020Outbuilding - ShedConstruction CertificatesConstruction Certificate Council Issued14 Paterson Street PARKES NSW 2870Brandon James Ross, Racheal Joy Schmalz
CC2020/002610/03/2020Outbuilding - ShedConstruction CertificatesConstruction Certificate Council Issued197 Tanks Road PARKES NSW 2870Jason Charles Goodsell
CC2020/002916/03/2020Outbuilding - ShedConstruction CertificatesConstruction Certificate Council IssuedTandara Lodge 300 Newell Highway PARKES NSW 2870Cassandra Ruth Ward, Ian Craig Ward
CC2020/003318/03/2020Peak Hill Solar Farm - Inverter Stations x(2) & Monitoring Container x(1) Foundations, Weather Station x(1), CCTV System Poles x(2), DC Isolator Boxes x(26), Underground & Overhead HV and LV Electrical Installation, CCTV, Communications Installation and Trackers InstallationConstruction CertificatesConstruction Certificate Private Certifier IssuePeak Hill Solar Farm 416 Attwells Lane PEAK HILL NSW 2869 Enerparc Australia Pty Ltd
CDC2020/000318/02/2020Alterations & Additions to Dwelling (Patio Cover)Complying Development CertificatesCouncil Issued Complying Development Certificate47 Bleechmore Road PARKES NSW 2870Scott Brian Lewer
CDC2020/000418/02/2020Outbuilding - Farm Machinery ShedComplying Development CertificatesCouncil Issued Complying Development Certificate7272 Eugowra Road PARKES NSW 2870Michael William Magill
DA2020/00012/01/2020Food and Drink Premises and Alterations and Additions to Existing BuildingDevelopment ApplicationCommercial - Retail - Office23 Forbes Road PARKES NSW 2870Jeremy Neville Andrew Heron, Rebecca May Heron
DA2020/000630/01/2020Change of Use (Office Premises, Respite Day Care Centre and Ancillary Cafe) and Building Alterations and AdditionsDevelopment ApplicationCommunity Facilities32 Clarinda Street PARKES NSW 2870 Currajong Disability Services Limited
DA2020/00075/02/2020Demolition of Existing Outbuilding - Carport and Erection of Outbuilding - Carport & PatioDevelopment ApplicationAlterations and Additions Residential3 Gap Street PARKES NSW 2870Denise Lea Gersbach, Matthew John Gersbach

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