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Application LinkLodgement DateDescriptionGroup DescriptionCategory DescriptionFormatted AddressApplicant Names
DA2020/000910/02/2020Dwelling - HouseDevelopment ApplicationResidential Single Dwelling340 Newell Highway PARKES NSW 2870 G J Gardner Homes Dubbo
DA2020/001010/02/2020Subdivision (1 to 2 lots)Development ApplicationSubdivision Only444 Clarinda Street PARKES NSW 2870 Gah Motels Pty Ltd
CDC2020/000211/02/2020Inground Fibreglass Swimming PoolComplying Development CertificatesPrivate Issued Complying Development Certificate2636 Newell Highway PARKES NSW 2870Michael Brian Sutton
DA2020/001111/02/2020Outbuilding - ShedDevelopment ApplicationAlterations and Additions ResidentialTandara Lodge 300 Newell Highway PARKES NSW 2870Ian Craig Ward, Cassandra Ruth Ward
CC2020/001412/02/2020Trundle Solar FarmConstruction CertificatesConstruction Certificate Private Certifier IssueDaisyfield 5937 Back Trundle Road TRUNDLE NSW 2875 Pro Cert Group Pty Ltd
CDC2020/000318/02/2020Alterations & Additions to Dwelling (Patio Cover)Complying Development CertificatesCouncil Issued Complying Development Certificate47 Bleechmore Road PARKES NSW 2870Scott Brian Lewer
CDC2020/000418/02/2020Outbuilding - Farm Machinery ShedComplying Development CertificatesCouncil Issued Complying Development Certificate7272 Eugowra Road PARKES NSW 2870Michael William Magill
CC2020/001520/02/2020Alterations & Additions to Dwelling (Patio)Construction CertificatesConstruction Certificate Council Issued7158 Eugowra Road PARKES NSW 2870Allan Ross Neems, Marilyn Joy Neems
DA2020/001220/02/2020Alterations & Additions to Dwelling (Patio)Development ApplicationAlterations and Additions Residential7158 Eugowra Road PARKES NSW 2870Allan Ross Neems, Marilyn Joy Neems

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