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Application LinkLodgement DateDescriptionGroup DescriptionCategory DescriptionFormatted AddressApplicant Names
CC2020/002210/03/2020Outbuilding - ShedConstruction CertificatesConstruction Certificate Council Issued50 Brolgan Road PARKES NSW 2870Joseph Terence Nash
CC2020/002310/03/2020Outbuilding - ShedConstruction CertificatesConstruction Certificate Council Issued13 Glenburnie Close PARKES NSW 2870Scott William Mill
CC2020/00259/03/2020Outbuilding - ShedConstruction CertificatesConstruction Certificate Council Issued21 Paterson Street PARKES NSW 2870Branden James Clinton
CC2020/002610/03/2020Outbuilding - ShedConstruction CertificatesConstruction Certificate Council Issued197 Tanks Road PARKES NSW 2870Jason Charles Goodsell
CC2020/002713/03/2020Alterations & Additions to Dwelling (Glassed Enclosure)Construction CertificatesConstruction Certificate Council IssuedBirralee 641 Henry Parkes Way PARKES NSW 2870Benjamin McGregor, Karen Jane McGregor
CC2020/002813/03/2020Alterations & Additions to Aged Care Centre (Freestanding Patio)Construction CertificatesConstruction Certificate Council Issued46 Orange Street PARKES NSW 2870 The Salvation Army (NSW) Property Trust
CC2020/002916/03/2020Outbuilding - ShedConstruction CertificatesConstruction Certificate Council IssuedTandara Lodge 300 Newell Highway PARKES NSW 2870Cassandra Ruth Ward, Ian Craig Ward
CC2020/003016/03/2020Outbuilding - ShedConstruction CertificatesConstruction Certificate Council Issued2 Hillcrest Avenue PARKES NSW 2870Christopher Robert Riley
CC2020/003117/03/2020Outbuilding - ShedConstruction CertificatesConstruction Certificate Council Issued45 Orange Street PARKES NSW 2870Barry Ross McIntyre, Ann Maria McIntyre
CC2020/003219/03/2020Outbuilding - CarportConstruction CertificatesConstruction Certificate Council Issued11 Vaucluse Place PARKES NSW 2870Samantha Ann Martyn, Troy Anthony Martyn
CC2020/003531/03/2020Alterations and additions to dwelling-house and associated swimming pool and spaConstruction CertificatesConstruction Certificate Council Issued3 William Street PARKES NSW 2870Benjamin James Terry, Sarah Elizabeth Terry
CC2020/00249/03/2020Two Dwellings and Attached GaragesConstruction CertificatesConstruction Certificate Private Certifier Issue63 Forbes Road PARKES NSW 2870 Blueclear Holdings Pty Ltd
CC2020/003318/03/2020Peak Hill Solar Farm - Inverter Stations x(2) & Monitoring Container x(1) Foundations, Weather Station x(1), CCTV System Poles x(2), DC Isolator Boxes x(26), Underground & Overhead HV and LV Electrical Installation, CCTV, Communications Installation and Trackers InstallationConstruction CertificatesConstruction Certificate Private Certifier IssuePeak Hill Solar Farm 416 Attwells Lane PEAK HILL NSW 2869 Enerparc Australia Pty Ltd
CC2020/003424/03/2020Peak Hill Solar Farm - Piling Installation, Boundary Fencing and Internal Civil Infrastructure Works including Site Access Roads and Stormwater Drainage.Construction CertificatesConstruction Certificate Private Certifier IssuePeak Hill Solar Farm 416 Attwells Lane PEAK HILL NSW 2869 Enerparc Australia Pty Ltd
DA2020/00166/03/2020Outbuilding - ShedDevelopment ApplicationAlterations and Additions Residential2 Hillcrest Avenue PARKES NSW 2870Christopher Robert Riley

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