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Application LinkLodgement DateDescriptionGroup DescriptionCategory DescriptionFormatted AddressApplicant Names
CC2020/004119/05/2020Outbuilding - ShedConstruction CertificatesConstruction Certificate Council Issued21 Pearce Street PARKES NSW 2870Lindsay Clark
CC2020/004219/05/2020Storage building, workshop & associated officeConstruction CertificatesConstruction Certificate Council Issued36-44 Saleyards Road PARKES NSW 2870 Steve Magill Earthmoving
CC2020/004420/05/2020Outbuildings (Garage and Storage Shed x4)Construction CertificatesConstruction Certificate Council Issued6 Gap Street PARKES NSW 2870Merinda Louise Gaiter
CC2020/004528/05/2020Outbuilding - ShedConstruction CertificatesConstruction Certificate Council Issued57 Close Street PARKES NSW 2870Teasha Crotty
CC2020/004318/05/2020Trundle Solar Farm - Monitoring Container InstallationConstruction CertificatesConstruction Certificate Private Certifier Issue5937 Back Trundle Road TRUNDLE NSW 2875 Pro Cert Group Pty Ltd
CC2020/004727/05/2020Solar Farm - Montoring Container & Inverter Stations x(2)Construction CertificatesConstruction Certificate Private Certifier IssuePeak Hill Solar Farm 416 Attwells Lane PEAK HILL NSW 2869 Pro Cert Group Pty Ltd
CDC2020/00066/05/2020New dwellingComplying Development CertificatesPrivate Issued Complying Development Certificate74 Corcoran Road PARKES NSW 2870Erin Lee Hutchings, Kyle Anthony John Hutchings
DA2020/003411/05/2020Home Occupation (Food Catering Business)Development ApplicationCommercial - Retail - Office2 Captain Wilson Avenue PARKES NSW 2870Sandra Leone Perceval
DA2020/00337/05/2020Demolition of Dwelling and OutbuildingDevelopment ApplicationDA Other (Not specifically categorised)107 Currajong Street PARKES NSW 2870Colin John Boggs, Kristine Jane Boggs
DA2020/003513/05/2020Demolition of Outbuilding (Garden Shed) & erection of Outbuilding - ShedDevelopment ApplicationAlterations and Additions Residential21 Pearce Street PARKES NSW 2870Lindsay Clark
DA2020/003613/05/2020Outbuilding - ShedDevelopment ApplicationAlterations and Additions Residential9384B Henry Parkes Way PARKES NSW 2870Mark Anthony Rudenko
DA2020/003820/05/2020Outbuilding - CarportDevelopment ApplicationAlterations and Additions Residential20 Glenburnie Close PARKES NSW 2870Mark Anthony Jeffery, Emma Jeffery
DA2020/003927/05/2020Outbuilding - ShedDevelopment ApplicationAlterations and Additions Residential290 Back Yamma Road PARKES NSW 2870Luke Allen
DA2020/004127/05/2020Outbuilding - ShedDevelopment ApplicationAlterations and Additions Residential33 Cecile Street PARKES NSW 2870Gail Diane Davis, Jeffery Richard Davis
DA2020/003714/05/2020Dwelling-house & Outbuilding - ShedDevelopment ApplicationResidential Single Dwelling24 Military Road PARKES NSW 2870 BT Homes

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